• There is no reliable systematic way that updated information regarding charter schools borrowers is reported once the 30-year bonds have been issued
  • School Improvement Partnership will assist charter school borrowers in timely filing updated information as required by the SEC and the continuing disclosure agreements in place when the bonds are issued
  • School Improvement Partnership will assist investment banks, charter school investors and foundations in tracking charter school borrowers by compiling and aggregating financial and operating information in a sortable and searchable format
  • The result will be improved information, transparency and liquidity in the charter school bond market
  • With a strong background in both charter school operations and primary disclosure, the School Improvement Partnership team has developed with bond investors and investment banks in the charter school finance community a model Template for continuing disclosure filings by charter school borrowers consistent with SEC Rule 15c2-12 and their continuing disclosure obligations
  • As Continuing Disclosure Agent, the School Improvement Partnership will assist charter school borrowers in completing the Template quarterly and annually containing all of the information required under the Continuing Disclosure Agreement and Rule 15c2-12 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

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