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Presenting....the SIP Database!
Alexis Turner
February 1, 2021 | News + Policy

Presenting….the SIP Database!

Ever struggle with finding current information on charter schools or charter school bonds?  Searching multiple department of education websites, charter school authorizer portals, EMMA and other sources is time consuming, and much of the data is locked in PDFs or other nondigital forms. The fragmentation of data sources and limited digitization make charter school research labor-intensive, while comparisons across large numbers of schools is prohibitive. This can leave institutional investors, underwriters, municipal advisors, and other market participants concerned they might not have the complete picture.

Until now.

School Improvement Partnership has created the SIP Database, aggregating financial, operating and academic data on all charter school and charter school bonds in the country.  Subscribers utilize the SIP Database for portfolio monitoring, business development, research, and fair valuation of charter school bonds.  Please email Liz Sweeney at for a free demonstration.